C and K Careers

At Spen Valley High School we have a dedicated and impartial Careers Adviser from C&K Careers, to find out more about the organisation please click here.

Students in Key Stage 4 are invited to attend regular careers appointments with C&K Careers Adviser - Jason Hopley to discuss their Post-16 Options and to receive information, advice and guidance on the learning and training opportunities available to them.  Students in Year 10 are also involved in work experience, visits to local Colleges and Training Providers.  Students in Year 11 are offered the opportunity to attend a Mock Interview and are involved in a comprehensive programme of careers education through the tutorial programme and Spenrichment. Parents are welcome to attend careers appointments and arrangements can be made outside of school hours.  There is everyday access to a dedicated Careers Resource Area within the Careers Interview Room (Room 317) which has been awarded the Careers Information Standard.  Spen Valley High School also holds the Quality Standard for Careers Education & Guidance.  Careers Education is also delivered throughout Year 7-10 via the tutorial programme. 

We are keen to collaborate with Post-16 and Post-18 Learning Providers and welcome input from employers, businesses and sector-skills specialists in order to enhance our careers provision across all year groups. A number of events integrated in to the schools careers programme (see Statement of Student Entitlement), offers providers an opportunity to come in to school to speak to pupils and/or their parents. A provider wishing to request access should contact Jason Hopley the Careers Adviser on 01924 405451 or Jason.hopley@ckcareers.org.uk

Careers Education within the school is supported by access to www.ckcareersonline.org.uk  Jason Hopley is also available at the Year 9 Pathways Evening and Year 11 Parents' Evening to discuss career planning and learning opportunities with students and parents.

To read the full Statement of Student Entitlement please click here

You might already be aware that students leaving secondary education are required to remain in learning, this could be at College, Sixth Form or an apprenticeship until the academic year in which they turn 18 therefore it is more important than ever to gain a full understanding of the learning or training opportunities available so that learners can make an informed decision about their future.

You can contact the school Careers Adviser by email at Jason.hopley@ckcareers.org.uk or by telephone at school on 01924 405451 or alternatively at C&K Careers Head Office on 01484 225500

At C&K Careers we also offer adult guidance services at our three Careers Centres, for more information about a centre in your local area please call 01484 225500 or visit https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk for help with career planning, building a CV or accessing job profiles.