The Curriculum at Spen Valley High School
What do we mean by “The Curriculum”?
It is the totality of the students’ learning experience including the structure, ideas, activities, content, teaching and learning methods, and also how it is assessed. It includes what is learnt both inside and outside the classroom.
Why do we want our curriculum to look like this?
Our curriculum should…
Enable our students to stand shoulder to shoulder with any person from any other background
Enable our students to be happy and successful adults in every aspect of their lives
Enable our students to gain “deep” and powerful knowledge
Ensure students have good understanding of and the confidence and skills to decode unfamiliar text
Engage students and inspire their curiosity and develop a genuine love of learning
Be inclusive by ensuring equity as well as equality
Develop their character to ensure they become socially responsible

Please click here to view the KS3/KS4 curriculum.