Examination Results

Examination Analysis

2018 (validated)
Progress 8
Attainment 8 score
(% of students gaining a grade 5 or better in English and mathematics)
Achieving the EBacc
(Students continuing in education, training or employment in 2016)
I am writing to offer a little more detail and explanation around our 2018 Progress 8 figure which has been published in the DFE performance tables. While I welcome the use of a progress measure as opposed to simple attainment, it is important to understand that one figure rarely tells the whole story of a school’s academic performance.
Spen Valley High School is a truly comprehensive school with students from all ability ranges. However on average, our pupils enter Spen Valley with attainment that is significantly behind the National average. Our Progress 8 figure has been broadly average for the previous two years at -0.02 in 2016 and -0.03 in 2017. It is important to add that we are achieving these results without removing students from our roll to manipulate the data.
Our GCSE class of 2018 were a wonderful group of young people, many of whom performed well. We supported every student, including those with significant social and emotional issues, through the exams and beyond into further education, training and employment. When we adjust our Progress 8 figure to account for the 16 students on our roll who, through no fault of their own, were unable to access full mainstream education, our Progress 8 figure for 2018 rises to -0.276.  It is also worth noting that our 2018 cohort had a high percentage (32%) of disadvantaged students.
This is a school where staff and pupils celebrate diversity and promote values of tolerance, mutual respect and care for others – the 2017 OFSTED report notes “the school is open and sensitive in helping pupils deal with a wide range of personal difficulties”. I would urge any current or prospective parents and carers to visit Spen Valley High School and see first-hand the fantastic, all-round education we offer to all our students and not rely solely on the published data.
We recognise that high expectations, self-belief, hard work, independent learning and determination are fundamental factors that lead to high achievement and we strive to develop these in all our learners.
Thank you for your continued support.
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