• A Culture of Achievement

  • Independent

  • Committed

  • Reflective

  • Courageous

  • Effective Communicator

Headteacher's message

Welcome to the Spen Valley High School Website where we hope to provide you with information about our School and our vision for the future. 

Spen Valley High School is a truly comprehensive school and this is something of which I am inordinately proud. We have high aspirations for all our students but we are also genuinely inclusive.

We believe strongly in ethical leadership and whatever their barrier to learning we aim to support our students so they can remain in school, engaged in their learning and achieving well. We understand that our young people may, at times, face difficulties in their lives that directly impact on their learning or behaviour. In these cases we work closely with them, help them to reflect on their actions and resolve difficult situations. We try to be creative, in finding ways to support all of our students by building good professional relationship, because only then can learning take place inside the classroom.

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 Ms Hayley Clacy