Curriculum Summary

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Business Curriculum Summary

Subject Intent

Our vision at Spen Valley High School is to ensure that all students develop the skills to become life-long confident, resilient and reflective learners, who enjoy Business Studies and achieve up to and beyond their potential.

The Business department at Spen Valley High School aims to develop young business people and entrepreneurs so they can stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ and to inspire them to understand the importance of enterprise and the nature of the business world.  Students will leave the classroom enriched with a broad and balanced perspective, as well as an inspiration for success and a passion to work hard in the community.

Our business curriculum enables students to think commercially and creatively to demonstrate business acumen.  Students will be aware of the impact of business in the real world through exploring a range of case-studies on local, national and international businesses.  A keen focus is placed on developing the student to be critical and have the confidence to apply knowledge to real business context by weighing up the evidence or data.  Students apply the theory in a range of contexts from designing their own chocolate bar, writing the marketing strategy for the business idea to writing their own business plan.

The theory of topics (enterprise, finance, business operations, marketing and human resources) are weaved into one another, just as in real-world business, where functional areas are dependent on one another.  It is vital that students can link theory from the topics, analyse the usefulness of concepts and theory and ultimately make informed recommendations to solve business problems.

As well as developing a wealth of knowledge of business and business processes which can be useful in many different jobs, students develop skills which can be applied in any aspect of their life – problem-solving, team working, communication and organisation.  Students will develop a wide range of employability skills which will give them the confidence to pursue their career aspirations.  The skills and knowledge the students learn will develop in sophistication as they progress through the curriculum.  This will prepare students for their GCSE examinations and also for study and life beyond GCSE.

Excellence Statement

An excellent student in Business Studies will develop a thorough understanding of business in the real world recognising how different types of businesses operate.  They will be able to demonstrate relevant and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of a wide range of business concepts and issues both in written communication and verbally using key terminology.  In addition, these students will apply their knowledge and critical understanding to select relevant information from a wide range of financial and non-financial sources to investigate business organisations in both familiar and unfamiliar contexts using a wide range of subject specific terminology with accuracy. Excellent students will be able to critically analyse and evaluate information to make reasoned, substantiated judgements and conclusions and, where appropriate, suggest viable recommendations for future activity.  Excellent students will develop the confidence, whilst not being afraid to take risks, in presenting to their peers, providing them with the skills to allow them to communicate professionally in future careers. They will be able to recognise the importance of Business in society and will be able to transfer their skills, knowledge and understanding to everyday situations to develop their understanding of how the wider world and economy operates.

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