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Curriculum Summary

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Computing Curriculum Summary


The Computing Curriculum at SVHS meets the requirements as set out in the National Curriculum for Computing at KS3.


Subject Intent

Our vision at Spen Valley High School is to ensure that all students develop the skills to become life-long confident, resilient and reflective learners, who enjoy Computing and achieve up to and beyond their potential.

We believe our students should have the opportunity to follow a Computing curriculum that prepares them for life in modern Britain and allows them to take advantage of the opportunities available locally and globally.

Good quality IT skills enable students to engage positively within the modern workplace, while computing skills enables students to take an active role in the analysis, research, planning, design, creation, and review of new technologies.

At the heart of our subject is creativity and enterprise.  ICT and Computing are subjects which draw, develop and implement a range of different disciplines; including mathematics, science, engineering, geography and art.  The subject embeds high quality literacy skills through analysis and evaluation techniques.

We provide a broad range of skills, experiences, and knowledge at key stage 3 which are further developed as students enter KS4, thus allowing students to further their Computing education at KS5 and beyond.

At KS4, students study Creative iMedia which equips them with a wide range of adaptable and transferable skills such as graphic design, media production, and web development.  

This subject allows for deeper study of the digital and business world they live in, potential career opportunities and with the skills developed at KS3, the confidence to take risks, become resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens.  We encourage students to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems, within a variety of contexts, which consider their own and others’ needs, wants and values.

Excellence Statement

An excellent student will be able to work with confidence and independence to create materials which reflect thoughtful planning, skilled production and perceptive review.  They will be able to apply knowledge, understanding and skills in a variety of contexts.  Excellent students will explore a variety of solutions and will use a range of creative media techniques, identifying and selecting equipment and assets efficiently to create effective media solutions.  These students will use suitable features from a range of software which is commonly found in the workplace and in higher education to produce work that is complete and coherent, demonstrates originality and with a depth of understanding.  They will not be afraid to take risks and will be excited by the potential solution they can achieve.  The work produced will be of a professional quality and fit for audience and purpose.   

Excellent students will be able to perceptively evaluate the purpose and uses of creative media using a wide range of creative media terminology correctly.  The research undertaken by an excellent student will be in-depth and will clearly demonstrate their analytical and evaluative skills.  Information provided will be interpreted and presented with sensitivity to needs and with a flair for effective communication.  Independent working and efficient time-management are key qualities in an excellent student and students will understand how these skills can be transferred to the wider world of work.  Excellent students will be prepared for a career in the wide and evolving digital media industry and will identify how their skills can be transferred to a number of different situations.

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