Since returning to full time education following national lockdown in Spring/Summer 2020, our key aim is to ensure that all pupils receive a high-quality education that promotes their development and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

All pupils continue to be taught a broad and balanced curriculum including a range of subjects which maintain their choices for further study and employment.

Alongside this, we have introduced a programme of remote education to supplement face to face teaching and provide students with an opportunity to study if they are unable to access in-school provision for a period of time, which follows their normal school curriculum. This is being set on Google Classroom. All subjects are uploading work to their relevant classrooms on Google Classroom. When students are isolating (but are well enough) they are expected to complete assignments set by their teachers. We also use other digital learning platforms such as Century Learning and Educake.

The details of what is being taught in each subject has been broken down for parents into a booklet for each year group. Please see the links below:


 Year 7 Curriculum Organisation September 2020

Year 8 Curriculum Organisation September 2020

Year 9 Curriculum Organisation September 2020

Year 10 Curriculum Organisation September 2020

Year 11 Curriculum Organisation September 2020