Curriculum Statement

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Drama Curriculum Summary

Subject Intent

Our curriculum will ensure that students can respond practically to a range of stimuli, including fictional and realistic scenarios. They will learn how to take part in group discussion sharing ideas in an appropriate way. We will develop their use of imagination, confidence and team working skills when preparing devised and scripted pieces.

Students will understand the different Drama techniques used to change the structure of performances to portray characters and plots clearly to an audience. They will also understand how to change their voice and movements to perform different fictional and realistic characters for an audience. Conveying character emotions to evoke change from the audience.

Students will also be able to reflect upon their own and others' work offering construction feedback to help develop performance work. Students will also be able to listen to constructive feedback which they will then use to develop their own performances.

Excellence Statement

Students will be able to analyse and interpret texts/stimuli in detail, justifying the practical choices they make for performance.  They will speak/write confidently about the context of texts/stimuli and how this influences audiences and their practical choices in performance. They will be able to keep regular logs of their work describing the developments they have made and why. Students will also be able to evaluate their own and others work offering areas of examples of strength and examples of areas of development. 

The students will be able to perform realistic characters in front of a live audience. They will memorise all their lines and have a polished performance.  They will have an assured control of their voice and movements when performing a character. Their characters' intentions for the audience will be clear and sustained throughout the performance. When involved in collaborative work they will attend all rehearsals sharing ideas within their team. Their ideas will then form a significant part of the final performance. The student will actively seek out opportunities for improvement and they are creatively flexible and encouraging when working alongside other performers.

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