Food Technology

Curriculum Summary
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Subject Intent
As part of their work within Food, students will be taught how to cook and apply the basic principles of nutrition and healthy eating. Instilling a love of cooking that will open the door to one of the greatest expressions of human creativity. Learning how to cook is a crucial life skill that enables students to feed themselves and others affordably and well now and in later life. Students will understand and apply the principles of nutrition and health. They will understand how nutritional needs vary with age and health conditions. They will learn to understand the source, seasonality and characteristics of a broad range of ingredients. They will demonstrate a repertoire of predominantly savory dishes as part of a healthy and varied affordable diet, instilling a love of cooking that leads to self sufficiency and independence.
Excellence Statement
An excellent student in Food will be driven with high expectations of themselves and be able to reflect on feedback given in order to progress. They will participate with all aspects of the lesson including practical activities, and be eager and engaged in their learning. They will have the courage to take risks and try out new things, using numeracy throughout practical lessons –weighing/measuring/ratio and can understand and interpret graphs, charts and sensory analysis. Students will be able to develop their knowledge into the wider world and use the skills acquired to enable them to live a healthy life with a well-balanced diet. Students will have a thorough and intensive knowledge of all aspects surrounding nutrition, cooking and food preparation and food provenance.
Qualification and Revision

OCR Food and Nutrition (current Year 11 students)

AQA Food and Nutrition (current Year 10 students)