Health & Social Care

Curriculum Summary

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Health & Social Care Curriculum Summary

Subject Intent

The curriculum intent for Health and Social  Care is to give students an insight into some aspects of the health and social care environment, ranging from how the human develops from birth to death to different types of support that are used and how care values are expressed.  About three million people in the UK work in the health and social care sector – the equivalent to one in every 10 people.  Demand for both health and social care is likely to continue to rise due to the ageing population, and so, will play a very important role within UK society.  With this, there will be a greater demand for people to work in these roles.  Our vision at Spen Valley High School is to ensure that all students develop the skills to become life-long confident, resilient and reflective learners, who enjoy Health and Social Care and achieve up to and beyond their potential.

Modern society is ever evolving in terms of ‘societal norms’ however human development and how we treat and care for one another continues to be at its core.

Our intent is to provide a fluid and dynamic knowledge-rich KS4 option curriculum, which gives learners, access and progress to KS5 and beyond. The course is coherently planned and sequenced towards accumulating sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning. 

Health and Social Care equips our students to discover the impact of positive and negative human development and how to critically analyse how these factors affect our day to day lives. Health and Social Care enables students to explore academically and practically areas that influence how we develop throughout life stages and in turn raise expectations of how we can live successful and healthy lives now and in our future.

Health and Social Care promotes opportunities for students to draw from real life experiences, case studies and opportunities to undertake research to complement learning and create skills that will be used throughout their lives. These skills encourage students to think outside typical teenage ego-centrism and begin to challenge the way they perceive the world we live in. Furthermore, highlighting how human relationships, physical environments and socio-economic status may influence how they develop.

As UK Citizens we are privileged to have access to the National Health Service and other supporting services that allow us to ensure we live healthy lives. It is imperative students are aware of how the 7 Care Values are transferable skills that they will adhere to throughout their working lives and when working alongside others and within their families. Through reflective practice of their own actions and performance we intend to instil values in students that will encourage them to be well rounded individuals in society with the confidence and buoyancy to empower them to chase their career aspirations and to create thoughtful and caring individuals who will in turn, pass these values on in the future.

Excellence Statement

An excellent student would be prepared and ready to pursue a Level 3 qualification in Health and Social Care and will understand the different careers and opportunities available in Health and Social Care.  An excellent student will be able to carry out research independently and show initiative and self-motivation throughout their work and will use this independent research to assess how a specific individual has developed physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially and how different factors have impacted on their development.  An excellent student will be able to communicate in written and verbal form with coherence, structure and diligence using key terminology accurately and appropriately. An excellent student will be able to assess and compare how two individuals have adapted to the same life-event and show empathy in their understanding.  Excellent students will be able to deliver the care values in a specific situation, showing empathy and a willingness to take risks in their ideas.  Interpreting health care data will be a key feature in an excellent student and using their interpretations apply their findings to a particular case study and scenario in making valid recommendations which would be in line with recommendations made in the “real world”.

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