Useful Resources A-Z

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Audiobooks: Audible Stories  

Art: Loo Roll Challenge I How to draw a face I How to draw realistic eyes I How to shade with pencil for beginners I Art tutorials


BBC Resources: BBC Bitesize  


Cooking - recipe cards: 

Beef Casserole  I   Honey Mustard Chicken   I  Jumbo Sausage Rolls

Toad in the Hole   I   Vegetable Curry

Jamie Oliver Get KIds Cooking

Computing: Learn how to programme  I Find out how computer technology works


Drama: Additional Drama Ideas I Free online plays streamed I National Theatre streamed performances/learning resources


English: Educake I Additional English ideas I Patrick Stewart reads daily sonnet I

Writing a diary: how to do this? I TV: The Bronte Business I Learn about Shakespeare & his plays I Watching Shakespeare I Learning Poetry by Heart I Free downloadable English resources KS3 to 5 I Ideas for creative writing I The Children's Poetry Archive I



French: Seneca Learning KS3  I  Francophone Project KS3  I I Back to Basics Y7 French Quiz I Back to Basics Y8 French Quiz


Geography: Netflix Programs I TV:The Americas with Simon Reeve I TV:Caribbean with Simon Reeve I TV:Equator I TV: Indian Ocean I TV: Russia I Keep Geogging I Online: Discovering Antarctica

Google Classrooms: Student guide


History:  Museum Virtual Tours I The History Learning site I Spartacus History site I BBC TV Back in time for the Corner Shop


Indoor Activities: Tim Peak’s The Great Indoors

IT: Learn to type I KS4 and KS5 Computing I




Languages: Learn a new language



Maths: Corbett Maths  I  Century Learning I Interactive maths games I maths games and puzzles KS3 to KS5 I maths problem solving I Key stage 4 revision I

Music: Musica Kirklees Tutorials I The Great British Home Choir I Year 7 Activities I Year 8 Activities I Year 9 Activities


News: Newsround 

Nature: TV Programme- Animal Babies I Baby Chimp Rescue I The Blue PlanetI



PE: PE With Joe Wicks I Rugby skills

Politics: Create your own political party

Presentations: Planning & Delivering a Presentation

Problem solving: Lateral thinking puzzles

Positive thinking: Little things to keep you going/Bucket List



Ms Clacy's Culture Quiz: Quiz 1 I Quiz 1 ANSWERS/Quiz 2Quiz 2 ANSWERS/Quiz 3 I

Quiz 3 ANSWERS/Quiz 4 I Quiz 4 Answers I Quiz 5 I Quiz 5 Answers I Quiz 6 I Quiz 6 Answers/Quiz 7 I Quiz 7 Answers/ Quiz 8 I Quiz 8 Answers/Quiz 9 I Quiz 9 Answers/Quiz 10 I Quiz 10 Answers/Quiz 11 I Quiz 11 Answers/Quiz 12 I Quiz 12 Answers/Quiz 13 I Quiz 13 Answers/Quiz 14 I Quiz 14 Answers I Quiz 15 I Quiz 15 Answers/Quiz 16 I Quiz 16 Answers/Quiz 17 I Quiz 17 Answers/Quiz 18 I Quiz 18 Answers/Quiz 19 I Quiz 19 Answers/ Quiz 20 I Quiz 20 Answers/Quiz 21 I Quiz 21 Answers/ Quiz 22 I Quiz 22 Answers/ Quiz 23 I Quiz 23 Answers/Quiz 24 I Quiz 24 Answers/Quiz 25 I Quiz 25 Answers/Quiz 26 I Quiz 26 Answers/Quiz 27 I Quiz 27 Answers/Quiz 28 I Quiz 28 Answers/Quiz 29 I Quiz 29 Answers/Quiz 30 I


Reading:  David Walliams - Daily Stories I Kirklees Library  I Amazon: Free Kindle Books


Science Websites: Educake I Physics I

Science Activities: Science Investigations Task   I  Science Key Word Scrabble Games I Year 7 Science Activities I Year 8 Science Activities 

Science programmes: The Cosmic Shambles with Prof. Brian Cox I STEM TV Programmes

Sign Language: British Sign Language Courses for under 18s

Skills (Digital and Life):iDEA


Technology: Find out how stuff is made I Find out how stuff works



Wildlife: Learn about British Wildlife & Activities

Writing skills: Taking notes and learning information guidance



Year 11: Edexcel A Level History Prep./Russia 1917-91 I AQA A Level History Prep/The TudorsKS5 Computing I English A Level Preparation I A Level Maths I Amazon: Free Kindle Books I Summer online internships in Banking/Medicine/Engineering/Psychology/Computer Science/Architecture/Entrepreneurship