Curriculum Summary
Please click on the link below to access the MFL Curriculum Summary: 

The MFL Curriculum at SVHS meets the requirements as set out in the National Curriculum for MFL. 


Subject Intent

Our curriculum will ensure that students can respond orally and in writing to the foreign language and understand it in a range of contexts.  They will understand how the language is formed which will then enable them to respond accurately.

Students will understand the rules of pronunciation and intonation and so speak the language in a way which is easily understandable whilst at the same time enjoying and relishing in  the challenge of language learning.  They will develop an appreciation of life and culture in countries where the language is spoken.


Excellence Statement
A student exhibiting excellence in languages will demonstrate an acute awareness of the wider world around them with an ability to put language into context. He or she will be able to understand, communicate and express him or herself in the spoken and written word from a variety of media. He or she will also demonstrate a capacity to thrive in formal and informal settings.  This student will exude a passion for languages as well as having a thirst to further his or her linguistic knowledge. An excellent student will show competence in quickly adapting to unpredictable and unfamiliar situations in addition to having the courage to take risks. He or she will successfully apply a broad knowledge of grammatical structure, narrating events as well as expressing opinions succinctly.


Qualification and Revision