The work of Spen Valley High School is underpinned by a shared set of core values, captured through five overarching principles:

Comprehensive ideals – an admission code that offers access to children from the school community regardless of background and fosters an inclusive atmosphere where students have an entitlement to a first class education and universally experience equality of opportunity.

Excellence – sign up to achieving the highest standards in all that we do.

Personal development – adoption of a broad ‘humanising’ curriculum in which young people become confident and rounded learners, gain high self esteem, and develop a rich understanding of themselves and empathy in relation to others.

A culture of achievement – an unshakeable recognition that this shapes our core purpose and is celebrated, valued and inclusive.

Lifelong Learning – an understanding of our responsibility to transition, to and beyond our school, that learning initially is to be inspired but become a lifelong desire and is best accomplished in partnership through the professional development of individuals and teams and in collaboration with others.

The work of Spen Valley High School is also in keeping with identified Fundamental British Values.  For details of this, please click here.