Curriculum Summaries

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Core PE Curriculum Summary

GCSE PE Curriculum Summary


The Physical Education Curriculum at SVHS exceeds the requirements as set out in the National Curriculum for PE at KS3 and KS4.


Subject Intent

Our vision at Spen Valley High School is to ensure that all students develop the knowledge, confidence and commitment to lead a healthy and active lifestyle throughout their teenage years and into adulthood.  Enjoyment of PE at school is critical to this development and at the heart of every lesson that we deliver.

We aim to deliver a curriculum which is rich in experiences and enables students to experiment with different activities in order to find their love: their activity which they will continue once their schooling is over.  It will provide a sound base to support their health and fitness, inspiring our athletes of the future to excel in competitive sport and any other physically challenging activity.

Within the broad range of activities which students will experience, one fundamental idea they will develop is the knowledge of a range of tactics and strategies which will help them to improve their own and others performances.  At the heart of this, is the ability to make accurate and quick decisions in pressured situations, solving problems or outwitting opponents to the best of their ability. The design of our curriculum is a spiral structure, which allows students to develop knowledge of the basic fundamental skills prior to increasing the complexity of how these skills are used over the 5 year curriculum.

Behind all this practical experience, sits the scientific knowledge of the human body and how it functions during sport.  Students will learn the anatomy and physiology behind human movement, allowing them to understand how performance is achieve but also what they can do physically to improve health, fitness and performance. Our students will develop the ability to analyse performance, understanding what makes a performance effective and increasingly be able to coach young athletes to improve their performance.  A key aspect of learning for our national coaches of the future.

In order to develop the cultural capital of our students, we provide a wealth of extra-curricular experiences including sports teams, aesthetic performances, visits to the theatre and competitive fixtures.  All encompassing our students into the world of sport and activity. We are proud of the curriculum that we have created and it will prepare students for a lifetime of health and fitness as well as access to further study post GCSE.

Excellence Statement

An excellent practical performer will demonstrate technical accuracy, with precision, control and fluency when performing skills and techniques in isolation.  They can apply these skills and techniques effectively and appropriately in conditioned and competitive situations due to their effective decision making skills. These students will exhibit a passion for sport and performance and exude leadership qualities which inspire others.  Excellent students will enjoy understanding the knowledge behind the practical, being able to recall, describe and evaluate key concepts important within sport and performance. They will be able to apply this knowledge and understanding in different contexts. They will undertake thorough interpretation and analysis of data and be able to form conclusions based on evidence and give justifications for their findings. An excellent student will be able to communicate in written and verbal form with coherence and structure, using terminology accurately and appropriately.


Our extra-curricular provision supports the learning which occurs in lesson time. In Y7 we want students to try different activities and gain experiences in a wide range of different activities. As students progress throughout the years at Spen Valley, we hope that they will demonstrate commitment to their preferred activities, regularly training and competing for the school.

Our provision includes pathways for the students who enjoy sport and want to participate for the love of it, in addition to the serious athletes who want to compete to the best level they can.  We are looking to develop our provision to engage more students and develop a Team Spen feel, where not just the elite performers engage in our extra-curricular provision. 

Activities available to students throughout the year (timetabled in line with the competition seasons) include the following activities;

  •         Football
  •         Rugby League
  •         Netball
  •         Dance
  •         Gymnastics
  •         Table Tennis
  •         Basketball
  •         Badminton
  •         Striking and fielding (rounders, softball and cricket)
  •         Dodgeball
  •         Fitness
  •         Tennis
  •         Running

If there are any other activities that students wish to participate in, we encourage them to speak to a member of the team and we will do our best to accommodate this.

Qualification and Revision Websites

Edexcel GCSE Physical Education

Community Links

Should students wish to take their love of a particular sport further, there are a number of local clubs in our community. We are currently developing our links with a number of community clubs. Some of these include: 


  • Liversedge Juniors FC       
  • Norristhorpe FC
  • Littletown FC
  • Huddersfield Town Ladies FC

Rugby League

  • Dewsbury Moor ARLFC
  • Dewsbury Celtic ARLFC
  • Liversedge ARLFC
  • Batley Boys ARLFC
  • Huddersfield Giants ARLFC


  • Mirfield Netball Club
  • Dewsbury Comets


  • Time Steps
  • Lauren J Dance Academy
  • Stuart Stage School
  • Strive Dance Academy


  • TSV Gymnastics
  • Greenhead Gymnastics club

Table Tennis  

  • Heckmondwike Table Tennis Club


  • Spen Valley Vipers


  • Spen Valley Badminton club                        


  • Liversedge Cricket Club


  • Spenborough Athletics Club