ParentPay is the market leader in online payment for schools.  They provide online payments, income management and dinner money administration for schools, authorities and caterers.

ParentPay's online payment system helps more than 3,500 schools save time and money. ParentPay's school ePayment system means over 1.5 million parents can pay school online quickly and easily, helping to keep children safer.

To access the ParentPay website please click here or alternatively you can use the quick link button located at the top of our web page.

It is important that if your child wishes to purchase food or drink whilst at school that they have enough money on their ParentPay account, especially if you are paying by bank transfer or at a Paypoint as there can be a delay in the funds been loaded onto the account. We will always provide students with lunch even if they do not have funds in their ParentPay account, however if they are in a negative balance they are only able to choose a wedge sandwich.

Students in receipt of free school meals have £2.45 (£2.50 from September 2021) a day to spend and this can be used at break time and/or lunchtime, allowing them to get breakfast and lunch if they wish. If students wish to purchase items at lunch and break time then they need to choose carefully as they will not be allowed to spend over their allowance, unless they have additional funds on their account. A price list is included below and there are copies available in the dining hall and bistro in school.



Catering in school is provided by Kirklees Council a copy of the current menu can be seen below. Due to current restrictions some items may not be available:







Price List (please note prices may increase from September 2021)