Behaviour & Attendance


Attendance Good attendance is an essential part of success and we cannot stress highly enough the importance of coming to school every day. Research shows that there is a direct correlation between poor attendance and underachievement. Perfect attendance is rewarded, and patterns of absence will be investigated by our pastoral team. Any child whose attendance drops below 90% will be referred to the Attendance Officer via the pastoral team. In the event of a genuine illness, parents/carers are requested to contact the school on the first day of a child’s absence; this is best done via the Class Charts App, or alternatively via email to, or by telephone.

If we don’t hear from you the school will make contact via the text messaging service but we may also conduct a home visit. If your child is to remain off school, you should keep us informed as to the expected length of absence and date of return.

If you are requesting ‘a leave of absence’ for your child, you must complete the relevant form (available from the main office) and return it to Mr Fox-Rice (Assistant Headteacher). In line with government regulations parents/carers may only request a ‘leave of absence’ in an ‘exceptional circumstance.’ A maximum of 10 days can be requested.

We perceive ‘exceptional circumstances’ to be when you do not have any choice. We DO NOT consider the following as exceptional circumstances; these are not however an exhaustive list: -

Parents/carers work/holiday rota

- A family holiday at a lower cost

- Parents/carers wedding (as this can be arranged during school holidays)

- A holiday booked by a member of the extended family without your knowledge

- Family reunions or gatherings

Examples of what we would consider to be exceptional are: • A serving soldier’s leave • The funeral of a family member necessitating significant travel.

Attendance policy including Leave of absence

Relationship Policy Sept 2021