Well-Being Dogs

We are extremely fortunate here at Spen Valley to have two Well Being Dogs in School.  They have a timetable like our staff and spend time with students bringing calming and reassuring element to their day.

Steve and Ralph are our two Well-Being dogs. Steve has been working at SVHS since 2019, and Ralph joined in 2022. They work in our Personalised Learning Provision to support both the academic and socio-emotional well-being of our students. Steve is a Cockerpoo and Ralph is a ‘mutt’. Both of them are ‘non-shedding’ and have their coats and claws clipped approximately every six weeks.

Please note: If you are allergic to dogs, or have a phobia of dogs, and are concerned about coming into contact with either Steve of Ralph please make our staff at Reception aware of this, so we can avoid this.

For more information, please read our Student Guidance to working with our well-being dogs in our Well-Being Dog Policy.