Here are the videos to welcome you to Spen Valley High School

 A message from our Headteacher, Ms Clacy:

A message from our Year 7 Achievement Coordinator, Mr Frost:


Information for Year 6 students starting in September 2022

Please click here to find the Spen Valley A-Z.  Here there is a wealth of information including details about the uniform required for year 7.


You can purchase uniform from Rawcliffes in Dewsbury. See the link to their website here:

Our PE Kit consists of:

Black & red Sports t-shirt
Black & red Rugby shirt
Black & red shorts
Red & black socks
Plain Black skirt (optional/instead of shorts)

All the above items are available to purchase at our approved supplier Rawcliffes in Dewsbury and via their online shop.

Other items of acceptable kit are:

Plain black shorts
Plain black football socks
Plain black joggers and sports leggings are also acceptable in winter months.

The new PE kit was introduced in September 2021 is for all new Year 7 and Year 8 students and those students in other year groups who wish to purchase new kit – however it is not mandatory for those in Year 9 upwards to do so.


Easing the Transition

 Students will have a tour of the school as soon as we can invite them to visit, in the meantime here is a map so that students are aware of where departments and leisure areas are situated:

Map of the School

 Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I have always taken my child to school, but they want to walk on their own. How can I keep them safe?

It is natural for a child in secondary school to want to walk to school, either on their own, or with their friends and they should be encouraged to develop this independence. However, it can be very scary for parents/ carers. Therefore, it is important that that you talk to your child about how to keep themselves safe. This not only includes guidance on ‘stranger danger’ but also basic road safety. If they want to ride a bike to school they must also understand road safety, including the need to wear a helmet. Remind your child that with this independence comes ‘grown up’ responsibility and they must keep you informed if they are going to be late. We encourage our students to walk with a friend, but they should also go straight home or to an ‘agreed place’ and keep their phone charged and turned on when they leave the school site, so they can be contacted. We do have staff on duty at the beginning and end of the day to support our students as they travel to and from school and there are staff in school if your child does not arrive home on time; this is usually when they have forgotten to tell you they will be late!


  1. What happens if I forget to put money on my child’s school meals account?

Don’t worry, we won’t see your child go hungry. They simply need to explain this to a member of staff and we will get them a lunch. You can then pay the money back to us. 


  1. What if my child gets lost in such a big school?

It might seem a bit daunting at first, but the school site is really quite compact and built around a basic inner court yard. In fact, the students are better than the adults at finding their way around! In the first couple of weeks, as Year 7 students settle in, there are no sanctions for being late to lessons and by week three they usually know where their lessons are. There are also lots of staff and students who are always willing to show students to their classrooms.


  1. Who do I speak to if my child is experiencing difficulties?

If this is an issue with their well-being or any other pastoral issue, the first point of contact is your child’s coach. They may not be able to speak to you immediately, but should get back to you by the end of their working day. If there is an urgent pastoral issue, that cannot wait, you should contact their Head of Year. If the matter relates to a particular lesson you, should speak to your child’s subject teacher. Please talk to your child so you are familiar with the names of all their teachers. For all matters relating to SEND and medical needs please contact our SENCo, Mrs Morris and for safeguarding, Mr Fox-Rice, our Designated Safeguarding Lead.


  1. How will I know what equipment my child needs for school each day?

Students will be provided with a copy of their timetable on their first day. We encourage parents to take a photograph of this and keep it handy so you can remind your child what they will need each day. However, it is important that our students develop independence so try and encourage them to check their timetable themselves, each evening, and ensure they have the correct equipment in their school bag for the day ahead.


If you have any further queries or questions please don’t hesitate to contact school.