We strive that all of our students can access an aspirational curriculum that is appropriate to their needs and will enable them to stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with any young person from any background. We ask our teachers to think carefully about what they teach, how and why they teach it so they inspire curiosity in our students and develop a genuine love of learning. We want our students to leave us equipped to become happy and successful young people in every aspect of their life

As a Mum myself, I feel passionately that we should work closely with our parents and carers.  I want us to pool our expertise to support our children during their time at Spen. At times we might have to agree to disagree but we will always try to work together. We ask our families to speak to us, advise us, celebrate their child’s achievements with us and if necessary we will have the kettle on and someone on hand to listen to you if the need arises.

Finally, being the Headteacher of Spen Valley High School is a privilege and the responsibility we have to our students is something I do not take lightly. I enjoy working here more than I can say and I am proud to be its Headteacher. If you come to visit or join our school in any capacity we hope that you will feel the same.

Ms H Clacy